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Grilled Tomahawk Steak $120

Whiskey cream sauce sever with cauliflower puree and roasted mushroom (Pre-Order)

T-Bone Steak $52

Peppercorn sauce sever with cauliflower puree and roasted mushroom

Duck Duck Goose $36

Crispy skin Duck breast glazed in red wine sauce sauteed finger potatoes and grilled vegetables

Grilled Local Lobster $42

Humanely caught by free divers, served with creamy spinach & mushroom sauce stuffed in a twice baked potato, drizzled in lobster oil

Red Snapper of Notre Dame $32

Stuffed snapper back with potato, shrimp and & red pepper

Seafood Pasta Festival $36

Sea melody creole style flavor, house pasta what makes Anguilla ….Anguilla

Beach Bay Surf N Turf $56

Local lobster tail butter saffron & garlic, sweet potato puree over bacon wrapped asparagus

Caribbean BBQ $32

Bourbon infused BBQ chicken breast with spicy zucchini

Lamb Lollipop $34

Grilled lamp glazed in red wine sauce Served with mash potatoe roasted brussel sprouts


Coconut Rice
Fingerling Potatoes
Green Salad


Pastas-Chicken $18
Pastas-Seafood $22
Chicken Tender & Fries $14
Fish Bites & Fries $15
Burger & Fries $20